1.1.10. Content

The Request object $content property is a Sapien\Request\Content object.

The Content object has these readonly properties:

  • ?string $body: The content body; see below for the value of this property.

  • ?string $charset: The charset parameter value of $headers['content-type'], if any.

  • ?int $length: The value of $headers['content-length'], if any.

  • ?string $md5: The value of $headers['content-md5'], if any.

  • ?string $type: The value of $headers['content-type'], if any, minus any parameters.

When the $body property is null, Content will read from php://input instead:

$request = new Request();
$body = $request->content->body; // returns `file_get_contents('php://input')`

If you want to provide a custom content body string instead, pass it as a Request argument ...

$request = new Request(
    content: 'custom-php-input-string'

... or pass an entire Content object of your own construction:

$body = 'custom-php-input-string';
$request = new Request(
    content: new Request\Content(
        body: $body,
        length: strlen($body),
        type: 'text/plain',
        charset: 'utf-8',
        md5: md5($body),

Note that the $headers values are not modified when you pass in custom content bodies or objects.